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Cooiee, it’s Daisy. 👋

Hi, how are ya? I hope you’re doing good.

I’m Daisy and I’m a designer and printmaker from the Cotswolds. I’m also a featured creative at Dungarees + Squeegees! Bossman Ash has asked me to write a bit about myself for a blog (which you’re presumable reading right now?!), so here goes I guess.

The moment I realised that a creative career was actually a viable thing (lol and finally actually something I wanted to DO), was at the Harry Potter Studios in Watford, in 2014. The two head designers from the films were there, speaking to visitors about their work, and I found it fabulously inspiring. So, that was that. I’d decided. A career in ThE aRtS is what I wanted (as well as a puppy, obvs).

Seven years, one degree, four placements, two jobs, and miles of lino later I’m here. Currently based in Warwickshire, working from home, and making pretty things as Creative Manager for Pip & Nut (extra tasty peanut butter).

But, I have a wandering mind and can never stick to just one thing. By night I experiment with old fashioned printing practices such as lino, letterpress, typewriters and calligraphy. I have also dabbled with 3D mediums like clay, felt, and concrete.

Lots of my work can be found on the D+S shop. From existential cats to marbled concrete pots, so you should probs go and check that out.

But yeah, I guess that’s me in a nutshell. Did any of that make sense? Oh well.

Not really sure how to end this.

Someone roll the credits.

theme music fades

💥 Boom. Nailed it.


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