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Stock Price List

Not sure where to begin with sourcing materials? Let us handle it for you! We provide a convenient ordering service for various items, including organic cotton garments from Stanley Stella, locally-sourced cotton totes, and a range of paper types. Browse our list of popular items available for purchase, if you wish to buy some stock or if there's something specific you need, simply email us at


Stanley/Stella Creator T-shirt (Unisex): £7.95 per Unit
Stanley/Stella Mini Creator T-shirt (Kids Unisex): £4.95 Per Unit
Stanley/Stella Changer Sweatshirt (Unisex): £23.76 Per Unit
Stanley/Stella Mini Changer Sweatshirt (Kids Unisex): £15.31 Per Unit
Stanley/Stella Cruiser Hoodie (Unisex): £30.16 Per Unit
Stanley/Stella Mini Cruiser Hoodie (Kids Unisex): £18.64 Per Unit
Stanley Stella Ella T-shirt (Womens): £6.43 Per Unit

Long Handle 38x43cm 5oz (Natural or Coloured): £1.52
Long Handle 36x39cm 8oz (Natural): £2.40
Long Handle Gusset 32x36cm 8oz (Natural): £3.28
Stanley/Stella 37x42cm 5oz (Natural or Coloured): £2.05 

Snowdon Cartridge 300gsm (All types of printing): £15.76 (20 x A3 Sheets)
Snowdon Cartridge 300gsm (All types of printing): £15.76 (10 x A2 Sheets)
Fabriano Rosaspina 285gsm (All types of printing): £7.60 per 70x100cm sheet

Kozo White/Natural Thin Japanese (Lino/Letterpress): £2.60 per 64x94cm sheet

Hosho White 40gsm (Lino/Letterpress): 65p per 28x40cm sheet

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