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Print Services

What we bring to the table:

We specialise in screen printing on eco-friendly garments like totes, tees, and paper goods, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. Our offerings extend beyond printing services, encompassing guidance on sustainable suppliers, artistic support, and creating engaging social media content.


Our Printing Process:

Every design is meticulously handprinted by Ash in our Shrewsbury-based studio. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in our choice of sustainable materials and water-based inks, ensuring minimal impact on our planet.

Minimum Order Considerations:

For cost-effectiveness, screen printing is most advantageous with larger orders, given the upfront expenses associated with screen development.

We have a minimum order of 30 units for all goods and often suggest combining your order with multiple types of garments to reduce your

cost per unit.  Our capabilities include up to four colours but only

single colours on dark garments.

Crafting Your Story on Social Media:

Recognising the importance of storytelling in product sales, we offer

a visual journey through images and videos showcasing every step of

the creation process, which enables you to share a compelling narrative

with your customers.

Pricing Approach:

Unlike off-the-shelf price lists, we tailor all our quotes to ensure they align with your budget and meet your specific requirements. Factors such as

the number of screens, colour choices, and stock selection all influence pricing, making it impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all price list.

Our bespoke approach allows us to offer personalised quotes that

cater to your unique needs.

Any Inquiries?

If you're new to screen printing and need help figuring out where to begin, feel free to reach out to Ash via email. He has over six years of commercial experience and is always available for guidance. We understand the significance of sustainability in your choices, and we strive to be transparent, ensuring the delivery of eco-friendly products.


Feel free to drop us a message below with all the necessary details. Don’t worry if you don’t know everything. We can help you out along the way!

  • What quantities and stock are you looking for?

  • What colours are you thinking of using (fabric and ink colours)?

  • Please send through the artwork so we can understand what       screens we will use.

Drop us a message below with all the details you can as stated above :) 

Success! Message received.

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