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6 Things we achieved in our first 6 months

We can’t believe it has been six months since we went all in on Dungarees and Squeegees and made it a reality. Here are 6 things we achieved in the first 6 months:

1. Actually, launched D&S

I had this idea for literally years but there was always something that postponed it. Joey always bugged me to get it started. After a terrible year of lockdown, I decided life was too short and I got moving. It was hard but we did it.

2. Hit 250 Followers

It might seem small but for us it was a huge achievement. I never knew how much work socials were and how much time they take up. Thank god for Joey stepping in with the writing on the posts.

3.Released our first t-shirt run

We released our first D&S studio and we have to say they look FIRE. Our family and friends were great models and we are always so excited to see them on!

4. Worked out our strengths and weaknesses

We might look like we are having the best time (we are) but sometime we forget to show you how tired we are. My frustration trying to build a table for the studio being one of the highlights, I ended up getting my dad to help! It has made me realise what I am great at and what areas aren’t as great. Thankfully Joey compliments my weakness and together we are the dream team.

5. Made a print studio

This might of been the biggest unexpected event in the last 6 months. The opportunity arised to get some equipment and we jumped at the change. Within a month we had found the studio and began bringing it to life. So excited to make some awesome prints for you all

6. A journey of the future

This links to number 1 really, life is short so we might as well aim big. I am always a little wary but Joey has the big vision mind and she has BIG plans. By March 2022 we want to have brought you guys more tshirts, made £20000 revenue and be busy printing bespoke artwork for creative peeps?

What do you wanna see us do in the next 6 months



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