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Reflections on 2021

We have nearly made it through a year of business. It is hard to believe! We had imagined Dungarees & Squeegees for years, and the rubbishness of 2019 pushed us to just do it. We didn’t have much to lose. Here are some of the reflections from the year.


We weren’t stupid; we knew it would be a lot of work, but part of us thought we would grow quicker than we did. I think Tik Tok shows the lockdown businesses blowing up. We have, however, grown so much as people and learnt a lot! We have some big goals for 2022, and unlike last year we have a very detailed plan to get us there!

Consistency Online

In the age of social media, consistently showing up has been vital. We started posting three times a week, and now we post every day on Instagram. We can’t say it was an overnight success, but we now have nearly 500 followers that we organically grew.

Social Media

We were strict and didn’t overstretch ourselves by sticking mainly to Instagram. As a visual business, it suited us best. As reels grew, we have had to adapt and experiment. We have also learnt our roles through social media. Joey is good at planning and writing posts. Ash is the one who posts and interacts with everyone. Next year, we want to expand our audience and look at other professional social media sites for more of our B2B work.

What Sells

This year we learnt a lot about what sells. Things people use every day, like T-shirts, seemed to sell well. People loved the cat tees! We also realised we need to create momentum when we don’t release something regularly. It becomes harder to sell, which is annoying for Joey’s ‘anti consumerist’ ways. Again, in 2022 we have a plan and are excited to release collections throughout the year to keep all our customers coming back for more.

What have you learnt in the last year?


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