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Our 2022 Goals

We are a gang with a plan! This year we have some big objectives that we would love to share with you.

Highlight and Sell Salopian Artists Work

We have our roots solidly in Shropshire these days; we ain’t budging. We want to connect more with our local artistic community! We know there are some hella cool peeps around creating some sexy prints. We hope to highlight some on our social media more and get some locally based artists in our shop. We are also looking at going to fairs next year to meet some peeps in person!

If you know anyone, get in touch!

Increase Supply Chain Transparency

We are all about saving the world at Dungarees & Squeegees. Joey is a sustainability wizard, but it is hard to find time as a small business to look at how sustainable our products are. This year we hope to make a dedicated page on the website to highlight our sustainability, first focusing on supply chains. The supply chain is crucial to understand as it has the most significant environmental and social issues. We hope this will help you learn about our products' effect on the world and people.

£1400 a month throughout 2022

This goal is a big push for us! We aren’t making close to this consistently. However, with our 2022 plan and our bespoke printing, we hope we can hit these goals. If we do, it puts less pressure on us to fund the business and gives us room to reduce our full-time jobs if needed. Plus, Ash has his eyes on a fancy dryer for the studio.


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