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Creating the Perfect Screenprinted T-Shirt

With the studio up and running, we've been printing t-shirts for ourselves and some businesses. Here's some great tips to creating and selling some awesome tees!


A great design saying but also a very good point. We can quickly over think a design! Screenprinting leans to a simple colour design as each colour needs a seperate screen. It also lowers your overheads leaving more dollars for the next t-shirt run!

This snazzy screenprint is by Flood Clothing


We have our customer at our finger tips with social media! They know what they want so you just gotta ask em! Quickly work up a mock up and put it on an instagram story and soon you will get your answer to what they want. Want to keep your costs even lower - run a pre order so you only need to print what you need to understand the demand.


Colours can make you feel different things. They can have a big difference in what you want to show. Bright coloured t-shirts are bold, beiges are soft and calming. If you want to use a more the colour check out the colour wheel opposite colours attract best! If you are super stuck look at Coolors for some sexy colour combos.

Tshirt by Ethical Market


Marketing is always about telling the a story, right! Thats why we provide our clients the option to have reels, photographs and videos of us making the tees! Customer learn about the time and effort put into a hand screenprinted tshirt and it is also great way of selling your merch!

Why not get in touch with us to talk about your t-shirt designs!


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