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Hello I'm Joey

Hi I am Joey! An OG member of D+S and the one that is in love with the boss man, Ash.

I have always had an obsession with print, the texture, smell and pure non-digital nature of the medium. When I was 16, I watched Just Like being There and loved the idea of screen printing. I chose to study at University of Lincoln, mostly because they would let me in the print room the quickest.

I love projects that have that textile nature to them and would always incorporate them into my university projects. I became more and more interested in topics around environmental/social injustices, printing books about nipples, creating DIY sensory teddy bears and more. I went on to study at UAL in design for social innovation and sustainable futures, although in my professional career I work within research and design thinking. I still love to make things with my hands in my spare time. I am currently obsessed with making prints about plants and the female body, so please check them out!

Be Bold,



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