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My name is Gauranga Varia AKA Nemo

Alright, alright! Before we begin, I’d like to apologise to our Host, Ashley. I understand you’ve asked for ages, and now we’re only getting going on this blog now. My bad.

Anyhoo...My name is Gauranga Varia AKA Nemo. I had the pleasure of studying Graphic Design with our co-printmaking-conspirators Joey, Ashley and Daisy. After we packed up our degree and parted ways, I started travelling. Mainly to Central America where I gained more perspective than I could’ve studied. When I came back home with a new sense of creativity, I enrolled to an Art History course. As of which, a majority of passions go not only printmaking but also the theory of art. This gives me a keen outlook on creating more meaningful work (much of which you can experience at the shop).

A lot of my work spans various mediums such as photography, graffiti, filmmaking. You can catch me with D+S tryna work on new interesting ideas and concepts, I have a few new ideas that that I know you’ll love and enjoy! Maybe a sculpture here and there, who knows! Stay tuned on our journey to see where we go!

Much love and peace,



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