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Why did I create D+S?

Yo! Ash here, are you well? I thought you were.

Welcome to the D+S blog! This is where we will occasionally post about various topics to do with what we are doing, what we're about, new creatives and all that is in between! Today’s blog post is all about myself and why I decided to start D+S so here we go...

I'm Ash. The bossman here at D+S. I'm a screen printer / photographer / world traveller always on look out for textures, spicy colours palettes and just all around cool sh*t.

Many aspects inspired me to create D+S, the main drive came from basically living in the print studio during my university days working on projects printing most days problem solving and having a blast. During this time I also helped out other creatives to make cool sh*t, which I found fun, rewarding and informative. It was this busy studio vibe that helped me fall in love with the processes, the atmosphere of a print studio and people’s creativeness.

My vision for D+S is that one day it will be an open access studio where creatives from all aspects of the word can come to do what they do best. Create. Whether they be illustrators, hobbyists or your aunt Jean having a mid life crisis wanting to learn something new. D+S will be open to anybody who has a creative streak.

For now though while we grow we are an online store for handcrafted and printed goodness so share us with you friends and families! We will be bringing out new products to you guys every few weeks so keep checking our site and instagram for updates, or even better sign up for the newsletter, found on the bottom of our website! In the coming months we will be bringing you exciting new things like concrete pots, clothing and more so get ready ya crazy cats! That’s all from me for now… take care my dudes... Peace,



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