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Save the hogs!

Over 36 million hedgehogs once roamed the UK, however we are now looking at under one million left. Worldwide they are declining at a similar rate as tigers!

Some of the reasons for their decline include, use of pestcides, impermeable fencing, habitat loss and roads. Hedgehogs travel up to 3-4km a night to find food, nest sites and potential mates. Changes must be made to keep them safe.

Here Are a few things you can do to save our hogs:

1. Leaf Piles and Hog Houses

Piling your leaves can make way for a host of insects that Hedgehog love to eat. They are also a great warm hiding spot as well as man made house for our prickly friends.

2. Hog Holes

In this urban world that Hedgehogs are adapting to it can be difficult for them to get around! Making small holes in fences can allow them to enter your garden and forage around.

3. Plant some Wildflower

Flowers welcome so many insects and animals and help keep the birtish ecosystem. Giving a small part of your garden to wildflower not only help hedgehogs but also bees!

4. Buy our cards!

10% of the sales of our hogmas cards are going to Shropshire Wildlife Trust to support them in their Hedgehog projects. We will also be donating 20% of our sales black friday weekend!

Want to find out more about hedgehogs? Check out the Hedgehog Heroes page


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