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We built a studio!

What a wild ride the last couple of months have been but we finally have a studio! Can you believe it.

It all began with our t-shirt print which was printed by our friends at Get a Grip. They let us know they were selling some of their equipment and we jumped at the chances. To be honest I think both me and Joey were a bit scared. We had no where to put it, not a lot of money and not a lot of time before the equipment arrived. All we knew was that it was an opportunity we couldn’t say no too

Joey was in her full planner mode with what I believe to be a Plan A, B, C, D, E and F. Worst case we had decided we would store the equipment in my mums shed until we had a space. Thankfully, within about a month we found a space and Joey grabbed the chance. I never saw it until we moved in, I just had to trust it would all fit! It was a bit rough around the edges, the electric didn't work and it had been used as storage most of it’s life but it was perfect.

That weekend, I got my Dad round to do the measuring up on the shed. I can promise I will never be the one cutting your prints as I am terrible at measuring up! We decided the best plan of action was to add some chip board to the walls to make it look less like a gross shed. The wood arrived and we got to work whenever we had the time. My dad was a wizard, on the first afternoon he had put up a wall of chip board before I got home at 5pm! It was great to learn some new skills and work with my dad. We even signed a bit of the wall!

The next bit was a logistical nightmare as the equipment arrived before we had a chance to fit the walls. The first batch of equipment was large and arrived on a Friday. We thankfully got 4 friends to help move all the heavy machinery. Thankfully it all fit through the door! I got the chance to brand the screen print carousel - green and yellow. Sunday my friend Sam came round and built all the equipment with me. The final bits of equipment arrived a few weeks later and with the help of Joey’s brother we got it in with no issues.

Finally, the painting weekend arrived! I roped in my mum, Merv and my sister Sophie to help paint on a very hot Saturday. This was also the day I got very frustrated building a table. However we got it all done and complete in one day! Merv was a king of creating nice edges to the shape and my mum was great mapping out the logo on the wall. I thanked everyone with a large BBQ at the end of the day.

After an organise of the studio we were complete!

Our New D&S studio is ready for commissions


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