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Welcome to D+S!

Boom! You made it! Welcome to Dungarees & Squeegees or D&S for short if you’re feeling like a certified legend.

What is D+S you ask? D+S is currently three great pals (Ash, Joey and Daisy) wanting to bring handcrafted creative awesomeness to your lives!... with an environmentally conscious approach of course. In Ash’s university days basically living in the print studio, working on projects and helping out other creatives to make cool sh*t, he found the drive and inspiration to create D+S. The drive to one day allow D+S to be an open access studio where creatives from all aspects of the word can come to do what they do best. Create.

But for now we are an online store and we want to do this the right way from the start, so as a small business, we are making a LOT of decisions but we are trying to always keep people and planet in mind. Sustainability isn’t a mindset, it’s a way of life. So we can always do better. Let us know how you think we can be more green!

That’s enough from us for now... you beautiful people stay safe and find joy in the little things.


The D+S Squad


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